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Denver Home Remodel Photography – House Meraki

I absoutely love shooting interior designer’s own spaces. Its a true glimpse into their actual style, without being influenced by a clients needs, budget or aesthetic. I recently had to opportunity to photograph a whole home remodel for Elizabeth, one half of the talented design duo House Meraki. The layout of this space is so perfect for their young family, and I love how each of the rooms seems to seamlessly transition to the next.

When you are in the midst of any remodel, you’ll find new things that you’ll want to add and take away as you progress, so these pictures I’ve taken may have been completely different if there were not any tweaks or changes that happen along the way. I love the way it has turned out and clearly so does Elizabeth as she is very proud of it, and why wouldn’t you be? The styles, the elegance, it really does look like a display house ready for people to imagine themselves in. This shows the dedication that remodellers go through to produce their best work. In some cases, there may be a need to structurally move or adjust something so that it fits in with the vision as well as being inhabitable for those who move in, this includes re-doing the roof with a Denver roofing company, installing new and updated insulation materials, etc. the list can be endless, you don’t just want it to look good you want it to feel good too, and looking at this place, I would agree with that statement.

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