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Colorado State Capitol

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Colorado State Capitol and meeting our Governor, John Hickenlooper. I was there with a group of legislators from Georgia and some folks from the Atlanta Braves who are trying to turn the area around Turner Field into more of a destination spot for visitors, like Denver has done with the Lower Downtown (LoDo) area around Coors Field. Now  I’m ashamed to admit I have lived in this fine state for almost two years now and never paid a visit to the capitol, which is only two blocks away from my photography school! What an amazing building! So fully of beautiful architecture and history! And I think its pretty safe to say, we Coloradans have the coolest, most laid-back governor in the country. He’s an entrepreneur and owns one of my favorite bars in LoDo (Wynkoop Brewery), and he is almost single-handedly the reasons downtown Denver is what it is today. Not to mention, he’s super-nice, funny and even brings his dog to work, now if that’s not Colorado, I don’t know what is.