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colorado springs interior design photography

Colorado Springs Interior Design Photography- Turk Interiors

If you know me at all (or have been to my house or studio) you know I have a thing for Mid-Century Modern style. There is something so beautiful about the practical simplicity of mid-mod architecture and furniture. It’s not frilly or fancy and in most cases form follows function in terms of design. This house in Colorado Springs was like stepping into a 1960s museum. The owner inherited the house and all its belongings from his parents who furnished it in, you guessed it, the early 1960s. I was so thrilled when Tricia from Turk Interiors hired me for this shoot. We spent almost an entire day photographing each room to perfection. While a lot of the furnishings were original and in immaculate condition, Tricia did an amazing job updating the home to make it feel modern and livable for the 21st century. This is one of my favorite interior design photography projects to date and I hope these photos take you back in time a bit.